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jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Evil toys

Después de unos cuantos meses sin pronunciarme (por falta de tiempo y extrema pereza, sobre todo), los comentarios y peticiones de gente de que volviera a publicar me han animado a ponerme las pilas con los dibujillos. Gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios. Ahora toca poner esto al día :S


After so many months without posting anything (mainly due to my lack of time and extreme lazyness), all the comments and requests from my readers to keep publishingf encouraged me to post my drawings again. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. Now it's time to keep this up to date :S

- "Not enough... I want more noise!"
- "But... but, boss... It's on the verge of human limits!
- "I said I want it louder! Make their ears bleed if necessary!"
- "Ye.. yes, sir... Yes"
- "BWAAHAHAHA!! My evil plan is working!!"
- "Seriously, Elena! I really think all these toys are made with some kind of mean intentions"